Athletic Therapy

We use Athletic Therapy techniques to assist in the recovery of your injuries. We differ from traditional sports injury therapy in that we will assess not only the injury site, but the entire kinetic chain to determine the cause of the pain or injury.

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Concussion Management

Treatment of concussions is rapidly changing.  We offer the most up-to-date concussion treatments to get you better quicker.  We also offer baseline testing and return to play physical exertion testing.

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We are now offering a broad range of programs to benefit your training, health and overall wellness.  We have what you need to hit your goals!

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At McIntosh Sports Performance and Rehabilitation (Mspar), we like to be Better and we know that you do too.

Our Better is addressing the cause of your injury, not just treating your pain.  Our Better is treating, not just resting your concussion.  Our Better is constantly updating our education and techniques to offer you the best care possible.  Our Better is understanding the baseball athlete, not treating you like any other client.

Your Better will be improved strength, mobility, health, function, power and performance.

Stop suffering, don't throw another band-aid on your problem.  Come see us today to get right down to the root of the problem.  We will teach you as we help you, as we desire to correct your problem and ensure that you know what to do to stay Better for life!




Ready to get Better?

We work with anyone trying to get the most from their bodies.  Our clientele includes school aged athletes, weekend warriors, business executives, fitness enthusiasts, varsity University athletes and professional athletes.

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