Concussion Baseline Testing

A baseline test is a snapshot of the systems we see most often affected by concussion taken before an injury occurs.  This point of reference is then used to make important medical decisions regarding your treatment plan, return to learning and return to play.

Post Injury Concussion Assessment

Our comprehensive testing for someone who has sustained a blow to the head helps medical professionals make more informed decisions regarding your condition.  We utilize a number of technologies in a 90 minute assessment that provides a number of markers to aid in diagnosis.  Having a baseline to compare to is helpful, but not imperative.

Concussion Rehabilitation

A concussion is a injury that can range in severity from a persistent, but mild headache to severely affecting one's life.  Obtaining rehabilitation early in the process can help to establish the ideal recovery plan which may include progressive vision or vestibular exercises, supervised physical exercise or neck and spine treatment.


MSPAR testing

At MSPAR we only choose the best, that's why we offer the same testing that is currently used in the NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA.  Through our certification with Shift Concussion Management, we are able to offer the ImPACT test to our clients.  This Neurocognitive test gives detailed measures of memory and reaction time.  We also utilize a barrage of other tests that help to measure balance, vision coordination and motor speed.  In post-injury testing, we may also measure heart rate, heart rate variability, vestibulo-ocular reflex and more.  All these measures help to re-inforce that the treatment plan is effective beyond just measuring symptoms.

Post-Concussion Rehabilitation

We utilize the University of Pittsburgh model of concussion management which categorizes the concussion based upon where the dysfunctions are.  This enables a specific treatment plan to be developed.  MSPAR is unique in collaborating with other medical professionals to ensure timely positive outcomes.  Your well-being is our paramount goal.  At MSPAR we specialize in vestibular therapy and returning to physical exertion.  Regardless of the treatment plan, our testing methods help ensure effectiveness.

If you've sustained a concussion, we hope that you will contact us to do an assessment quickly, as early intervention is a key to a speedy recovery.  In the meantime, don't hesitate to check out some general information on concussions.

Concussion Resources

Be Proactive...

Don't live with your symptoms any longer, get help today!  Better still obtain a baseline now, so that your medical providers can make better decisions regarding your recovery.  Either way, book your appointment!